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Convoy to Save America

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It is going to be a beautiful day to fight for freedom and bring awareness to the legal battles that all Patriots who were in DC on January 6th may face. Come join us!


March 20, 2022


Due to putting the rest of the team in potential legal and financial danger, among other offenses, co-founder of Convoy to Save America (CTSA), Denby Melisha Morgan, has been removed from CTSA effective March 8, 2022.

After missions to deliver supplies to convoy truckers at the Canadian border and Washington DC, an estimated $20,000 worth of contributions (online donations, cash donations, supplies, gas cards, etc.) has still not been delivered to their promised recipients.  The majority of supplies and funds are still in the possession of co-founding member, Ms. Morgan. Her lack of transparency and failure to properly obtain a non-personal bank account for accepting financial contributions were, in part, reasons for the decision to continue the mission in her absence. Despite multiple warnings, her failure to act put the rest of the team in potential legal and financial jeopardy. As a result, Daniel Wagner and Pennie Fay, have cut ties but are continuing their mission under the Convoy to Save America name.  

After having been removed as admin of the CTSA Facebook group, Ms. Morgan immediately launched a social media campaign with the goal of destroying CTSA and its remaining members’ reputations via the court of public opinion. In addition to the potential legal liabilities, it was this very type of behavior that guided their decision to remove her in the first place. 

According to Daniel Wagner, “The red flags became too numerous to ignore. We can’t be, in good consciousness, dedicated to fighting lies when many of those lies were originating from within our own organization.” 

As per Pennie Fay, “On multiple occasions, we spoke with her regarding her behavior and actions. She denied any wrongdoing and projected any responsibility onto others, while simultaneously accusing us of outing her in public. For the record, we only ever spoke with her privately.”

To name a few of the potential legal issues:  

  • Money incoming/outgoing not properly accounted for
  • Failure to report and track cash donations, electronic donations, and expenditures
  • Failure to deliver supplies as promised on at least three separate occasions (Buffalo, NY, Lexington, VA, Hagerstown, MD, etc.)
  • Loading donations from Knoxville that did not belong to CTSA from the people who donated to Freedom Convoy Tennessee, then failure to deliver those items
  • Unsubstantiated claims that a lawyer told her we did not have to declare cash donations
  • Contacting and bribing Mr. Wagner’s spouse for readmittance and reinstatement of admin access to the CTSA Facebook group

It is because of these potential legal and financial dangers, among other offenses, co-founder of Convoy to Save America(CTSA), Denby Melisha Morgan, has been removed from CTSA effective March 8, 2022.


Phase 3: Route to DC

WEEKEND of March 3rd: Details Below

Convoy To Save America

For immediate release – February 26, 2022

US Convoy Group Heads for the DC Beltway at VA side
to Support American Truckers

Convoy To Save America to bring
supplies graciously given by supporters.

Nashville, Tennessee (February 26, 2022) – This weekend Convoy To Save America (CTSA), a new group initially formed to peacefully support the official Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa, joins together with American Freedom Convoy to drive the VA side of the DC Beltway. We will bring supplies to truckers and supporters to help them peacefully assemble in celebration of freedom.

This second CTSA convoy will leave Lebanon, TN on Friday, March 4, stopping to pick up convoy participants and supplies at various points along the way. On Saturday they will join a slow roll convoy to travel the VA side of the Washington, DC beltway. 

Organizers, Denby Melisha Morgan, Pennie Fay, and Daniel Wagner will be available for questions and directions starting Thursday evening
at the Lebanon launch location. 

Daniel Wagner, co-organizer and host of the Unframe of Mind show, reminds all participants, “This is convoy is not a partisan effort, and as such, we encourage participants from all walks of life, all ideologies, and all sizes of vehicle to join us in our freedom convoy. This convoy is to SAVE AMERICA.”

Contributions are urgently needed to support the convoys’ efforts to help the truckers.  The group is requesting all contributions to convoytosaveamerica.com/support where various methods of support are available. 

About Convoy To Save America

Convoy To Save America’s mission is to stand with Canada and Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa, carrying their same messages of unity, peace, and freedom. Sponsors that have stepped up to help the Tennessee-based group succeed with its goals include, Teachers For ChoiceNew York Freedom Rally, Unframe of Mind, Families Are Essential, Rolling Patriots, and Americans For Justice. Convoy To Save America is unique in that they are in direct contact with Canadian Trucker leaders such as Benjamin Dichter and Joe Janzen.

If you’d like to support the effort contribute at https://convoytosaveamerica.com/support


Unity wins

Convoy to Save America stands with Canada and the Convoy to Ottowa 2022 in compassion, gratitude, and appreciation. A convoy of unity, togetherness, and peace changed the world. It reminded Canadians who they really are: courageous and free. We watched the joy spread as everyone came together to stand for the freedom to choose.

Convoy to Save America carries that same message of unity, togetherness, and peace across the US to help remind all Americans who we really are. We stand together for everyone’s freedom to choose. No mandates, no mask rules, no more lies.

Due to the constantly-shifting landscape of crowdfunding services during this tumultuous time, we have provided multiple links you can use to support the Convoy to Save America

Convoy to Ottawa overpass

This is the moment

photo by Darryl Dyck

Everyone together

photo by Cameron Hildebrand

Mandate freedom

The idea

Delivering freedom.

Freedom over fear

Everyone together. Unity defeats tyranny.


The freedom to choose without coercion is a centerpiece of human rights and democracy.


Our inalienable rights are protected by the Constitution. #HoldTheLight

All together.

“This is easily the most meaningful and impactful protest to emerge in North America. It is being joined by as many as half a million Canadian citizens, who overwhelmingly support this protest, as one can observe from the cheers on the highway along the way. Indeed, it’s likely to break the record for the largest trucker convoy in history, as well as the most loved.”

Jeffrey Tucker

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